Borders news. Words and glances on migrations

Aula Toso - DUMAS, Via Roma 151 (Sassari)

The war in Gaza and Ukraine, the endemic and “invisible” conflicts in Tigray, Myanmar, Yemen, Sudan, and other regions of the world, the populations forced to flee and undertake paths of forced mobility, bring to light the tragic relevance of journalism's role in crisis contexts. How can we navigate the overabundance of news and the potentially infinite sources on the web? What are the ways to consume increasingly intermedia information? How can we deconstruct a discourse on migrations that increasingly tends to be framed in the polarizing terms of the emergency/security approach or the victimizing and paternalistic representation of migrants?

On Friday, June 14, at 10:00 AM, journalists Eleonora Camilli and Davide De Michelis will discuss people, voices, and contexts during an initiative promoted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia - Department of Labor, Vocational Training, Cooperation, and Social Security, and the Carta di Roma Association, in collaboration with DUMAS - Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Desirè Alma Manca, Regional Assessor of Labor, Vocational Training, Cooperation, and Social Security of Sardinia, will participate in the event. The coordination of the interventions will be handled by Paola Barretta, Spokesperson of the Carta di Roma Association.