The project aimed to improve condition of sustainable infrastructures for water distribution, management and sanitation, and to improve the governance of water resources through technical and financial support. Among the expected results are i) governance and management capacity of local institutions improved; ii) Technical capacity of local authorities and partners on water issues strengthened; iii) Pilot activities for infrastructure settlement realized; and iii) Micro-financing enterprise realised. The project also foresees training activities mainly devoted to local technicians to guarantee that water availability and monitoring also continue once the project activities have ended. Such training activities will also be accompanied by activities to sensitize local population to the correct use of water and to guarantee its availability in the long run.

Title and acronym: Hodh El Chargui: appui aux municipalités rurales pour la sécurisation et la gestion de l'eau - HEFEM

Dates: from July 2006 to July 2009

Location: Mauritania

Source of Funding: European Commission, Programme ACP-EU Water Facility

Role of NRD: partner

Scientific responsible: Prof. Ghiglieri

NRD members and staff involved: Prof. G. Ghiglieri, Dott. A. Carletti

Keywords: groundwater, access to water, participatory approach, poverty reduction, dry environment, Mauritania.