Progetti di ricerca europei

L'Università degli Studi di Sassari è attualmente impegnata in numerosi progetti di ricerca finanziati nell'ambito dei principali programmi di finanziamento europei, ad iniziare da Horizon 2020 e Horizon Europe.

AcronimoTitoloProgramma di finanziamentoResponsabile scientifico di UNISSDipartimento di afferenza
STREAMSolid Through Rigid Electrolyte: Advanced MeasurementsHORIZON EUROPEProf. Gabriele MulasScienze chimiche, fisiche, matematiche e naturali
RES4CITYRenewable Energies System for CitiesHORIZON EUROPEDott. Mattia De RosaScienze Biomediche
SECUREDScaling Up secure Processing, Anonymization and generation of Health Data for EU cross border collaborative research and InnovationHORIZON EUROPEProf. Luca PulinaScienze Umanistiche e Sociali
LOESSLiteracy boost through an Operational Educational Ecosystem of Societal actors on Soil healthHORIZON EUROPEProf. Andrea VargiuScienze Umanistiche e Sociali
Soil-X-ChangeFostering cross-border knowledge exchange and co-creation on sustainable soil and farm managementHORIZON EUROPEProf. Claudio ZuccaAgraria
MYRTUSMulti-layer 360° dYnamic orchestrion and interopeRable design environmenT for compute-continUum
HORIZON EUROPEProf.ssa Francesca PalumboScienze Biomediche
EUP_AHWEuropean Partnership Animal health and WelfareHORIZON EUROPEDott.ssa Laura IacolinaMedicina Veterinaria
AI-TranspWoodAI-driven multiscale methodology to develop Transparent Wood as sustainable functional materialHORIZON EUROPEProf. Alberto MarianiScienze chimiche, fisiche, matematiche e naturali
DRYADDemonstration and modelling of NBS to enhance the resilience of Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral ecosystems and landscapesHORIZON EUROPEProf. Costantino SircaAgraria
MONALISAMONitoring and Assessing prevention and restoration solutions to combat desertification in LIving labs for achieving Soil heAlthHORIZON EUROPEProf.ssa Giovanna SeddaiuAgraria
MOBILISE-D Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsementHORIZON 2020Dott. Andrea MancaScienze Biomediche
EWA - BELTLinking East and West African farming systems experience into a BELT of sustainable intensification HORIZON 2020Prof.ssa Giovanna SeddaiuAgraria
WORLDWaste Oils RecycLe and DevelopmentHORIZON 2020Prof. Sebastiano GarroniScienze chimiche, fisiche, matematiche e naturali
INNOTARGETSInnovative approaches to identification of metabolic Targets for antimicrobialsHORIZON 2020Prof. Salvatore RubinoScienze Biomediche
IMOCO4.EIntelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.EHORIZON 2020Prof. Luca PulinaScienze Umanistiche e Sociali
AIDOaRtAI-augmented automation for efficient DevOps, a model-based framework for continuous development At RunTime in cyber-physical systemsHORIZON 2020Prof. Luca PulinaScienze Umanistiche e Sociali
EYEINnovation in Truffle cultivation, preservAtion, proCessing and wild truffle resources managemenTHORIZON 2020Prof.ssa Veronica CameradaScienze Umanistiche e Sociali
SALAM-MEDSustainable Approaches to LAnd and water Management in MEditerranean DrylandsPRIMA - Section 1Prof. Pier Paolo RoggeroAgraria
SOILS4MEDSOIL health monitoring and information systems FOR sustainable soil management in the MEDiterranean regionPRIMA - Section 1Prof. Claudio ZuccaAgraria
OurMEDSustainable water storage and distribution in the MediterraneanPRIMA - Section 1Prof. Pier Paolo RoggeroAgraria
NATMedNature-based Solutions on existing infrastructures for resilient Water Management in the MediterraneanPRIMA - Section 1Dott. Alberto CarlettiAgraria
LIFE FAGESOSPhytophthora-induced decline of fagaceae ecosystems in Southern Europe exacerbated by climate change: preserving ecosystem services through improved integrated pest managementLIFE 2027Dott. Bruno ScanuAgraria
LIFE SAFE for VULTURESFirst step to the restoration of the vulture guild in SardiniaLIFE 2014-2020Prof.ssa Fiammetta BerlinguerMedicina Veterinaria
LIFE IMAGINE UMBRIAIntegrated MAnagement and Grant Investments for the N2000 NEtwork in UmbriaLIFE 2014-2020Prof. Marco ApollonioMedicina Veterinaria
LIFE PINNAConservation and re-stocking of the Pinna nobilis in the western Mediterranean and Adriatic seaLIFE 2014-2020
  • Prof. Marco Casu
  • Prof.ssa Daria Sanna
  • Medicina Veterinaria
  • Scienze Biomediche
ThePowerofWEnergy Challenge: The Power of “W” – Sustainable Energy for Developing European TownsCitizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)Prof.ssa Maria Lucia PigaScienze Umanistiche e Sociali