Venerdì, 5 Maggio 2023
ore: 15:00

Seminar: Model Formulation, Calibration & Testing: A Systems Approach

AULA CAPPIO BORLINO – Dipartimento Di Agraria Sezione Zootecnica, 2° Piano
Prof Yaman Barlas, will give a seminar on 
"Model Formulation, Calibration & Testing: A Systems Approach"
The seminar will explain the main principles of qualitative and quantitative systemic modeling applied to many scientific sectors.
The seminar is open to all the students, researchers and people interested.
Prof. Yaman Barlas received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1985 and joined Miami University of Ohio, department of Systems Analysis, where he was awarded tenure. He returned home to Bo?aziçi University in Istanbul in 1993, where he is currently a retired (part-time) professor of Industrial Engineering and founding director of SESDYN research laboratory. His interest areas are credibility and testing of simulation models, system dynamics method, systems science, modeling of socio-economic and medical/health problems, and simulation as a learning platform. Barlas has several teaching excellence awards, and Lifetime Achievement Award by the International System Dynamics Society. He is a founding member and a former President of the System Dynamics Society, and has served in various professional roles, including Executive Editor of System Dynamics Review.
Prof. Yaman Barlas is visiting our Department within the activities of the project CLIMALAT: (PSR 2014-2022) Funded by Rural Developmental Program of the  Regional Goverment of Sardinia. 
For Further informations please contact
Dr. Busra Atamer Balkan 
Prof. Alberto Stanislao Atzori

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