Mercoledì, 17 Luglio 2019
ore: 11:30

A Game Model for Proofs with Costs - Joint work with Timo Lang, Elaine Pimentel and Christian Fermuller

Dipartimento di Scienze economiche e aziendali, via Muroni 25 (Sassari)

Speaker: Carlos Olarte ECT-UFRN, Natal Brazil.
We look at substructural calculi from a game semantic point of view, guided by certain intuitions about resource conscious and, more specifically, cost conscious reasoning. In this talk, we start with a game, where player I defends a claim corresponding to a (single-conclusion) sequent, while player II tries to refute that claim. Branching rules for additive connectives are modeled by choices of II, while branching for multiplicative connectives leads to splitting the game into parallel subgames, all of which have to be won by player I to succeed. The game comes into full swing by adding cost labels to assumptions, and a corresponding budget.  Different proofs of the same end-sequent are interpreted as more or less expensive strategies for I to defend the corresponding claim.  This leads to a new kind of labelled calculus, which can be seen as a fragment of SELL (subexponential linear logic).  Finally, we generalize the concept of costs in proofs by using a semiring structure, illustrate our interpretation by examples and highlight some proof-theoretical properties of our system.

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