Venerdì, 4 Settembre 2015
ore: 11:00

"International and Interdisciplinary: Graduate Education for Crossing Cultures and Tackling Problems"

Aula Magna Dipartimento di Agraria - Viale Italia 39 - Sassari - Sassari

Alice N. Pell Professor Emerita of International Agriculture and Animal Science at Cornell University Dean's Advisor for Global Livestock Health and Development, College of Veterinary Medicine Former vice Provost for International relations of Cornell University and director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development

The problems facing the next generation of scientists, whose collective job will be to ensure that the global food system meets the food requirements of the world's population, are daunting: an additional two billion people must be fed by 2050, climate change likely will reduce food production in areas that already have food deficits, and almost 30% of all children under 5 today suffer from either stunting or obesity. Ensuring that tomorrow's scientists have the needed mix of technical expertise and practical problem-solving capacity is essential if the food system problems are to be addressed. There are a few givens about agricultural post-graduate education: the time spent to earn a doctoral degree must remain constant or decrease, significant increases in spending per student for post-graduate training are unlikely, and demand for people with doctorates will increase due to faculty retirements, expansion in demand for university education and greater demand from the private sector. Given these constraints, what changes are needed to ensure that newly-minted Ph.Ds. are appropriately trained?

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