Mobility and International Relations Office

The Office is part of the Study Programmes and Student Services Area and is responsible for the following activities:

  • It takes care of the planning, management and reporting of activities relating to the international mobility of students, and staff mobility for teaching (Teaching Staff) and incoming and outgoing training (Staff Training)
  • It manages the logistics and administration of international relations and international mobility programmes, both incoming and outgoing
  • It provides information support to students and lecturers in international mobility (Erasmus, Ulisse, CRUI-MAE) by managing the related procedures where within its competence
  • It manages the calls for international collaboration projects
  • It supports the Departments in the management of mobility programmes for traineeships and for incoming and outgoing study purposes
  • It supports the Departments for the international student traineeships
  • It supports the Departments in the submission of capacity building projects (KA2 Erasmus)
  • It manages relations with regional, national and international organisations and networks for all international mobility activities

The staff

Head of Office

Staff by Programme

Erasmus+ mobility for study (outgoing)

Erasmus+ mobility for study (incoming)

Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship (outgoing)

Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship (incoming - Erasmus Traineeship in Sardinia)

Erasmus+ mobility for teaching and staff training

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes

European Universities Alliance


Interinstitutional framework agreements