The NEURON School: Principles of Computational Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience, has emerged as a crucially important discipline for furthering our understanding of brain function, and is now one of the most dynamic and developing fields in scientific and technological research.

The school aims to provide students with a solid introduction to neuronal modeling, teaching the central ideas, methods, and practices of computational neuroscience, through a combination of lectures and hands-on work. During the course’s mornings, distinguished international faculty will deliver lectures on selected topics of experimental and computational neuroscience. In the afternoons, students will learn how to use the NEURON simulator to create neural models working under supervision of expert tutors and faculty.


The program is appropriate for full graduate, PhD students, and postdocs in a variety of fields from biology, neurobiology and psychology, to physics, engineering, and mathematics. Students are expected to have a good background in their discipline, interest in neuroscience, and some knowledge (even basic) of computer programming (Python, C, C ++).


Participation is limited to 25 students (13 places will initially be reserved for students from Sardinia), who shall be chosen to balance the representation of theoretical and experimental backgrounds. School fee is 120/00 Euro (VAT included).


The school will run from April 16-21 2018, and will take place in Alghero (Italy) at Porto Conte Ricerche Research Centre. The official language of the school is English.