Foundation course - English version

The Foundation Course is a training program that correlates the qualifications held by an international student and the requirements for enrolment in a degree course at the University of Sassari. It is designed to fill any shortcomings due to the different paths that the candidate has made in the different countries of origin as well as providing the support and preparation necessary to enter into the University even for those students who come from an education system that is very different from that Italian one, both from the point of view of the study programmes and the cultural approach.

Eligible candidates

Foundation Course

Be in possession of a high school diploma obtained abroad or be about to obtain it in your own country of origin.

The Foundation Course is aimed at:

  1. candidates who, despite having the necessary schooling to access university courses, need to fill any training or language gaps
  2. candidates in possession of an American high school qualification that does not include any Advanced Placement (AP) required for enrolment, according to current legislation
  3. candidates who, in possession of a secondary school diploma, are temporarily subjected to measures of restriction of personal freedom, provided that these measures allow them to attend at least 75% of the total number of hours foreseen by the program of the course. The number of hours can be attended in the presence, for those inmates who have the opportunity to go outside the penitentiary institutions, or remotely, through the use of computer rooms under construction in the penitentiary institutions of northern Sardinia, headquarters of the Penitentiary University Center. Uniss (CR Alghero, CC Nuoro, CC Sassari, CR Tempio)


Admission to the Foundation Course is subject to passing the aptitude-motivational interview, in Italian or alternatively in French or English, in order to verify the possession of the skills acquired during the course of education completed in the foreign country.

The merit ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the results obtained in the admission interview.

The Commission will meet and carry out the interview online.

Type of training programme and teaching organisation

There are two training areas:

  1. human sciences (HUMANITIES AREA)
  2. scientific subjects (TECHNICAL-SCIENTIFIC AREA)

The teaching is flexible, you can choose whether to do it remotely and / or face to face through three delivery systems:

  1. synchronous: through the use of Microsoft Teams, available free of charge to students, with video lessons lasting 25/30 minutes
  2. asynchronous: through the use of the University Moodle platform, and therefore through forum notices (news) or forum specific topics or tests (entry test and mid-year test) or multimedia elements (audio-video) or slides and pdf material or self-assessment quiz and final
  3. mixed: through the use of both platforms

2021 Edition

Foundation Course

Selection process and test

The modality of the selection process and test, the criteria for the evaluation of qualifications, and the relative score attributable by the Commission specifically appointed by the Academic Board, will be announced by October 6, 2021, by publication on the University website, on the dedicated page of the Foundation Course. The course will be activated only with a minimum of 12 students.

The selection test will take place online on October 12, 2021 at 9:30 am.

Applicants, under penalty of exclusion from participation, must log in, according to the instructions published on the University website, and present themselves with a valid identification document with a photograph starting at 9:15 am.