International Summer School “The Future of Human Rights in Europe”

15-20 luglio 2019 (Nuoro)

The Faculty of Law of Sassari University and the Association for the Promotion of University Studies in Central Sardinia (Consorzio per la promozione degli Studi universitari nella Sardegna centrale Uninuoro), under the patronage of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament and the Bar Association of Nuoro, in collaboration with the Town Council of Nuoro, Europe Direct Nuoro and the Italian Council for the European Movement, announce the fourth International Summer School on «The Future of Human Rights in Europe » to be held in Nuoro from 15th to 20th July, 2019. The Summer School is an intensive course which takes place over five days and is designed to provide an in-depth interdisciplinary view of the subject. The Summer School offers participants an overall view of human rights protection in Europe, both under the umbrella of the Council of Europe and the related practices of the European Court of Human Rights, and within the framework of the EU and the case law of the European Court of Justice, with particular regard to changes introduced by Article 6 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU).

Important developments are tending to drive convergence of these two systems which, for a long time, appeared to be competing and alternative, but which are now developing a commitment, firstly, to horizontal collaboration with each other and, secondly, to vertical collaboration, with member states and national legal authorities. In this, they are pursuing achievement of one of the most vital aspects of European integration, that of European human rights. The urgent need to improve understanding of issues linked to the protection of fundamental human rights is increasingly clear. This is no longer a topic for a few specialists but has become a key social and legal area which no branch of the legal profession can afford to ignore. The Summer School programme includes lectures, case studies and workshops, providing advanced education on the evolution and consolidation of human rights protection in Europe. Particular emphasis is placed on the safeguards provided by the Council of Europe and the European Union, the co-existence between these two, the participation of the European Union in the European Convention on Human Rights and the fundamental role played by the European Court of Human Rights. The lecturers come from Italian and international universities, are officials in Italian and European institutions, members of the judiciary, lawyers, or representatives of organizations working in the field of human rights.

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