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Welcome to the "Università degli studi di Sassari"

Attilio Mastino
Attilio Mastino

Professor Attilio Mastino, University Rector

As we approach the start of a new millennium, our so called "Advanced Society", runs the risk of becoming a society where human exchanges are reduced to an Internet computer screen. Therefore we need our cultural and social contacts with other people and countries to proceed through mutual opportunities for "real, physical exchanges" of different human experiences.

The EU programmes of student international exchanges have this aim. For young people, nothing is comparable to the direct experience, as a University student, in another country and in another culture.

For this reason the "Università degli studi di Sassari" encourages and finances the participation of its students in these programmes and, at the same time, warmly welcomes students from foreign countries whose different cultures and ways of life can be of great benefit to local students.

Professor Piero Sanna, LLP Erasmus Coordinator

Dear student,

I am very glad to welcome you to Sassari University, and I am delighted to know that you have chosen to come to our University to complete a stage in your education. I offer you a very warm welcome with the sincere wish that your stay here will be enjoyable and rewarding and that you will partecipate fully in both the social and academic life of our University.

During your stay in Sassari you will have the chance to experience our culture, history and way of life and we, in our turn, are also going to benefit from the contact with you. It is appreciated that students from overseas countries have particular needs. This Web site is designed to help you, both in answering those questions which arise before you leave home and in assisting you during those first - and often confusing - few days at University.

I wish you every success in your studies here and I hope you will enjoy not only the experience within the University community, but also our city and countryside and the contact with the local people.


Our University and international cooperation

The University of Sassari has always aimed at developing policies of international cooperation. To this end, the University has been involved in various projects, among which of particular relevance is the participation in the programmes of the European Community such as Erasmus-Ects, Lingua, Comett, Tempus and others; as a result, a large number of researchers and students both from within and outside the Community have had, have now, and will have the opportunity of doing part of their studies in foreign Universities with full and complete recognition of their value on the part of the home institution.

An evergrowing number of our students have been accepted by European Universities and in return we have welcomed foreign students here. Our participation in the Comett Mediterranean project gives and will in the future give to our graduates and those graduating the chance to spend some time working in foreign businesses in various sectors and - most importantly - in those concerned with the latest technology.

The University works with various international organizations such as the University of the United Nations, the Community of the University of the Mediterranean and with numerous inter-university consortia, all of which work for the development and the reinforcement of international cooperation.

Delegate for International Student Exchange
Professor Piero Sanna
Deputy Delegates for International Student Exchange
Professors Elena Sanna Ticca and Quirico Migheli
ERASMUS Student Network Sassari

ESN Sassari is a student association whose aim is to provide the Erasmus students who are guests in our city with all the information and support they may need in order to make the most of their time while they are here.

Nearly all the members of this association were Erasmus students themselves in different countries, so you know at first hand what kind of problems an overseas student may have to face during a long stay abroad.

We hope we will be able to help you with University matters as well as with those concerning your social life.


Research and International relationship Office.
Via Macao 32, 07100 Sassari.

Savio Regaglia
(Mobility organization - Bilateral Agreement - OM and TS Administration and grants)
Telefono 0039+079+229757  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Felice Langiu
Telefono 0039+079+229953  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Gavino Sanna
(Mobility organization student - Front office and certificates and grants)
Telefono 0039+079+229975  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Giampiero Sechi
(Bilateral Agreement - Mobility organization student - Front office and certificates)
Telefono 0039+079+229941  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Letizia Stoccoro
(International Relations Desk for Incoming students - Organisation of language courses for incoming/outgoing students - Accommodation management, first reception for long/short term stay)
Telefono 0039+079+229941  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Tonito Solinas
(International Relations Desk for Incoming students - Organisation of language courses for incoming/outgoing students - Accommodation management, first reception for long/short term stay)
Telefono 0039+079+229975  Fax 0039+079+229979 

Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali e Sportello ESN
Via macao 32, 07100 Sassari

We are here
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